30 YouTube Stats To Power Your Marketing Strategy In 2022
30 YouTube Stats To Power Your Marketing Strategy In 2022
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This Statista study shows that in 2021, tens of millions of Youtube videos were removed through automated flagging alone. Respond to viewers’ comments—even the negative ones—and "heart" your favorites. Henry Media Group’s descriptions make the most of timestamps in their how-to videos. A daily workbook of challenges that will help you kickstart your Youtube channel growth and track your success. We’ve rounded up the most effective ways to promote your YouTube channel. Follow these tips to increase your views and improve the ROI of your YouTube strategy.



For example, "Photoshop Tutorial" shows video results first, while "Photoshop Tips" first directs Google users to a web page. Here are some of our favorite tricks for optimizing your YouTube content to help new people find your channel. Among the biggest beneficiaries are local news sites, with huge jumps in traffic as people try to learn how the pandemic is affecting their hometowns.



Covid-19 conspiracy theorists are still getting millions of views on YouTube, even as the platform cracks down on health misinformation. This report, designed and written by Freedom House in partnership with survey firm GQR, is based on a survey of experts conducted by GQR, combined with desk and field research Freedom House conducted between March and September 2020. The policy raised concerns that the Trump administration was exploiting the pandemic as a pretext to set aside due process obligations and intensify its clampdown on asylum seekers and immigration in general.



ASMR is a popular genre of videos that are meant to help relax viewers/listeners. From 2020 to 2021, the platform generated a 25% year-over-year increase in ad revenue. YouTube is a promising advertising platform for brands, generating over $8.6 billion in advertising revenue in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone. A number of aspects could account for YouTube's continued growth including the fact that many people turned to the content that was directly related to the Covid-19 pandemic.



Among devices with smaller screens, mobile saw a 30% increase, desktop 15% and tablet 9%. Interestingly, games consoles were the only type of device that reported a decrease in share of time viewed (-14%). Data also indicates that search will grow 19.7% and social media and display advertising by 17.2% over the same period.



Read more about https://henof.com/the-impact-of-the-pandemic-on-the-number-of-views-on-youtube/ here. Twenty-eight percent of consumers of all ages agreed that purchasing products from independent stores is more important than it was a year ago, and another third want to shop more locally. This data exhibits a huge shift in consumer consciousness as a result of the pandemic and its negative impact on smaller businesses. Marketing Week reports on June 2021 research from employee rewards brand Gemsatwork, which indicates most (85%) UK employees will return to work in an office for at least one day per week post-pandemic. So far, while some social constraints remain in place, 58% of office workers are visiting their workplaces at least once a week. When it comes to detraction from a brand on social media, however, consumers are far more likely to post about a poor delivery experience than anything else, followed by the negative treatment of employees and the quality of a product they received. Poor customer service came surprisingly quite far down the list but ranked above complaints about value for money.



However, health authorities’ rapid message dissemination on social media suggests inconsistency, which could be a source of confusion for the public . According to Jardine et al. , receiving information from multiple sources is only better if the additional information sources contribute to improved informed decision making, less confusion and strengthened credibility. The review findings also emphasise that misinformation is a significant problem across social media sites related to pandemic risk communication. At the same time, there is a lack of consistency in their own messages that are disseminated rapidly and in parallel on multiple communication channels.



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