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Where your friends can see it, like it and comment on it; you also have the option to share the photo onto your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other social networking sites. Around 63% users log-in to Instagram at least once in a day. Nevertheless, there were many Instagram secrets that few of you know but most of you don’t have any idea about that and the secrets were not just two or three, they were many. The number of Instagram users worldwide has risen from 600 million in 2016 to 800 million in 2017 and it is expected to continue growing in the future. Since its launch, Instagram has become the biggest photo-sharing social media service on the planet.



Now you can show your Nametag to someone else, let them photograph it, and become contacts in a snap . Alternatively, choose Scan a Nametag from the bottom to be the one who adds a new contact. Read more about buy real instagram followers here. If you tap on the Send icon, in the top-right corner of the front screen, you can tap out a message to any of your contacts.



When you reach the page to add a caption, tags, and location, tap "Advanced Settings" at the very bottom. This will open a screen where you can easily switch on an option labeled "Turn Off Commenting." Tap the settings icon in the upper right corner. This won’t remove the posts from the website, but it will keep them from appearing on your profile. If you want to hide all tagged photos, go to your profile.



Then switch it from You to Followingat the top. There you will see the activity of everybody that you follow. If your Instagram isn’t already connected to a phone number, you will be asked to provide one. Filters are set to maximum intensity by default.



This means you can time publishing posts for when your followers are most active to maximize engagement. And it also prevents rushing out last-minute posts so that you can keep your content high quality. And leave thoughtful comments about why you enjoyed the content.



To get around this restriction, consider using captions to lead users to your overall profile . As you may have discovered, Instagram bans clickable URLs anywhere in your content except for the singular website section of your bio. So far, we’ve shared a few hacks on how to remove things from your profile. Tap a numbered photo cluster, select "Edit", and you will be able to deselect photos individually or "Deselect All".



However, there’s a workaround that you can use to save Stories from Instagram easily. To do that on your Android device, first download the Story Saver for Instagram, and then login with your account. Now, the app will show all the Stories which is present on your profile and you can tap on anyone to download them. We all know that Instagram Stories by design are ephemeral in nature. However, in December 2017, Instagram introduced a new feature which automatically archives all your Stories after they expire.



Now you can switch between accounts on the fly without having to log off each time. Tap on your username at the top of your profile, and you’ll get a drop-down list of accounts to select from. Following that, you need to enable airplane mode on your phone. Then proceed to create a new post and edit your photo. Airplane mode will disrupt the upload and cause an error after you hit Share. However, it will still save to the photo gallery on your phone.



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