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So, if you’re looking to build your brand or your business, it’s a no-brainer that you should be using the platform. But if you have absolutely no idea where to start, don’t worry. This article will break down everything you need to know about using TikTok for business. However, if you want to get the best ROI from your TikTok ads using influencers, ensure that the influencer you choose is someone who would naturally use your product. Their target audience must align with yours in order to make sales. Also, they should have a high count of followers and engagement, such as likes and shares on their page.



After all, with over 1 billion views per day and TikTok users from 155 countries across the world, your brand is bound to gain a great amount of recognition. Read more about buy tiktok followers cheap here. For example, while the average engagement rate of micro-influencers on Instagram is 3.8%, on TikTok it’s as high as 17.9%. What’s more, the app seems to have the best engagement rates out there, outperforming even the most used platforms such as Instagram. On the other hand, users in their twenties accounted for over 22% of the app's user base while users in their thirties accounted for over 21.5%. Most bot-followers usually don’t unfollow you but won’t interact with your videos either. If you give these "suspicious" accounts a closer look, you’ll most likely find they didn’t even add a profile picture.



At this stage, you can choose to run your ads on one or multiple properties, including the suite of apps that are part of the TikTok network such as BuzzVideo and Pangle. For the campaign, budget options are either a daily budget or a lifetime budget. But if your marketing goal is mostly to drive conversions, choose the Corresponding campaign objective. Once this is completed and your account is confirmed, you will be ready to start using the self-serve platform.



But companies that are not limited by geography, whose products are designed for a wide audience and the decision to purchase doesn’t take much time, achieve good results on TikTok. The TikTok audience is accustomed to simple user videos shot on smartphones. It is enough to write a good script and shoot a live video on your phone. It is these videos that are most popular, and professionally shot video content with advertising banners will most often be ignored. It is the price you’re willing to pay per thousand 6 seconds or 2 seconds of video views.



Originally called, and owned by ByteDance, TikTok is a short-video-based social media platform. It’s where brands, creators, and influencers can express their individuality and drive brand awareness. As a result, it’s a popular platform for influencer marketing and brand social media marketing alike.



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Primul soft de facturare si pontare automata dezvoltat mobile first. Jefry a fost dezvoltat pentru toti antreprenorii care vor sa isi usureze administrarea afacerii folosind dispozitivul lor mobil, cu doar cateva apasari de ecran. Jefry este o intreprindere sociala conceputa sa ne ajute in misiunea noastra de a salva vieți, facand ca orice utilizator a acestuia, sa aduca o contributie proprie spre succes. Prin Jefry, 90% din profiturile noastre se duc direct catre ajutorarea oamenilor defavorizati care au nevoie de servicii medicale.


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